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    A Confident Trip of Culture and Heritage: A Closure of Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction in an Unprecedented Passion with Total Sales of RMB 1.0266 Billion
    Date:2019-08-02 13:47  Author:XLPM  Source:XLPM

    2019 Spring Auction

    The total sale of Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction closed at RMB 1.0266 billion at 5:00 PM, July 8, 2019 with a sale rate of 86.26%, signifying another successful ending. (For auction results, visit www.qr825.com.)

    As biddings were soaring in the auction, a commemorative event happened. On July 6, 2019, the 43th Session of the World Heritage Committee held in Azerbaijan witnessed the entry of ancient Liangzhu City Site into the World Heritage List, indicating the world’s consensus of China’s 5000-year civilization!

    As a center selected by the UNESCO for ‘Chinese seal arts—Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’, Xiling Society of Seal Arts also paid its own salute and celebrated the event with its excellent auction results!

    On July 6, the ancient Liangzhu City Site succeeded in   being a world heritage, arousing sensation across the country!

    On July 7, the complete survival manuscript of a novel written by Yu Dafu who had been devoted to the course against Japanese invasion was finally auctioned at a record price. It reminds us to reflect on the history and urges us to work even harder!

    On July 8, Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction ended up with a complete success, and we will continue our fourth ‘Five-Year Plan’ to enhance the philosophy of academy-oriented auction and the concept of integrating arts into lives!

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    Up to now, Xiling Auction has  adhered to the spirit of Xiling Society of Seal Arts and engaged in seal-related learnings and arts. By inheriting and benefiting from the excellent national culture, we shall show the cultural power of the centennial society in the new era and protect it shared by all the human beings more confidently as we are living in a country boasting a five-thousand-year civilization. 

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    From July 3 to July 5, the three-day viewing of Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction was stuffed with visitors and the number of the bidders who registered bidding paddles before the auction even broke the record, reaching 1,000! With their support, ten major sales achieved a high sale rate exceeding 90%. 

    Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe 98.08%

    Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy II 93.69%

    Chinese Fan Leaf Paintings 94.34%

    Entertaining Seals by Masters 91.36%

    Everlasting Glory·Refined Articles in the Study 91.95%

    Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea 91.12%

    Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture 91.12%

    Western Antique Works of Art 96.80%

    Vintage Kweichow Moutai 97.19%

    Chinese Medicinal Liquor, E-jiao and Ginseng 91.84%

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    Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

    Seven sales of Chinese paintings and calligraphy concluded at more than RMB 400 million in total and the sale rate approaching 90% in average. Among them, four lots were sold beyond RMB 10 million, evidencing both the stable purchasing power of the market for paintings and calligraphy and Xiling Auction’s academic strength in unveiling the value of artworks. 

    In particular, classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy reached a total sale of nearly RMB 200 million with a number of unforgettable highlights. Zhao Mengfu’s Horse, which is mentioned in Shi Qu Bao Ji, was sold at RMB 12.65 million. The Old Tree by Rock painted by Ni Zan, one of the greatest painters in Yuan Dynasty, was sold at RMB 10.58 million. The Calligraphy in Official Script written by Yi Bingshou, a calligraphic master, and collected by Zhang Zhengxue started bidding at RMB 600,000 and was hammered at RMB 3.565 million. 53 lots in the Chinese Fan Leaf Paintings Sale also achieved totally RMB 24 million. In the sale of Modern Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, the master of Shanghai School Xie Zhiliu’s large-sized painting Sturdy Pine Tree concluded a deal of RMB 18.4 million, a top price in the sale. And Qi Baishi’s Sailing Ship was sold at RMB 11.04 million. 

    Lot 270 Yi Bingshou  Calligraphy in Official Script

    Starting Price: RMB 600,000

    Sale Price: RMB 3,565,000

    Translation: ‘A book compiled at home makes great contributions to the country’

    Lot 315  倪瓚疏篁古木圖卷 成交價1058萬

    Lot 315 Ni Zan  Old Trees by Rock

    Sale Price: RMB 10,580,000

    Lot 316 Zhao Mengfu  Horse

    Sale Price: RMB 12,650,000

    Lot 778 Xie Zhiliu  Sturdy Pine Tree

    Sale Price: RMB 18,400,000

    Lot 645 Qi Baishi  Sailing Ship

    Sale Price: RMB 11,040,000

    Important Manuscripts and Photographs including Special Sale on Yu Dafu's Only Survival Complete Novel Manuscript

    After long-term planning, a series of exhibition, academic seminar and reading salon by famous scholars, were held to introduce the eye-catching manuscript of the novel She is just a Woman, Yu Dafu’s unique complete survival manuscript, reminds us of Yu Dafu, a writer and warrior who devoted his life in the fight for China and Asia against Japanese aggressions. This highly-expected complete manuscript of the famous novel She is just a Woman was auctioned at 2:00 PM, July 7, 2019, and finally concluded a deal of RMB 8.97 million after multiple rounds of biddings, breaking a record for Yu Dafu’s manuscript. 

    Lot 2403 Yu Dafu  Only Survival Complete Novel Manuscript She is just a Woman

    Sale Price: RMB 8,970,000

    Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings

    Xiao Zi Ma Gu Xian Tan Ji of Song Dynasty version which was collected by Chen Gongmeng and Guo Ruoyu contains four rubbings. They are Ink Rubbing of the Original Stele of Nancheng in Song Dynasty, The Inscription at the Back of the Stele of Nancheng, Version Made by Shi of Yuezhou in Song Dynasty, Version Made by Tingyunguan Study in Ming Dynasty and Version Made by Yulantang Study in Ming Dynasty. The rubbing was later inscribed by Li Rihua of Ming Dynasty, Wan Shouguo, etc. and later mentioned in several famous rubbing-related books like Shan Ben Bei Tie Lu, etc. The rare and  perfectly preserved lot was sold at RMB 3.45 million. Besides, Tang Yifen’s important poetry manuscript album Qin Yin Ji and Shi Jue Cao (partially unpublished) in his later years collected by Wu Jianong also concluded a deal of RMB 1.035 million. 

    The script of Dunhuang Jing Ming Jing Ji Jie Guan Zhong Shu written in the Tubo Kingdom of Tang Dynasty is an important reference work for the study of Chinese Buddhism, which has not been listed in any existent Tripitaka nationwide. It started its bidding at RMB 800,000 and closed a deal at RMB 1.725 million. The Rubbings of Bronze Wares, including Song Dun, etc. collected by Zhang Tingji, a scholar of bronze inscriptions, was sold at RMB 782,000 from its starting bidding of RMB 80,000. 

    Lot 4758 Album of Four Kinds of Rubbings of Xiao Zi Ma Gu Xian Tan Ji in Song and Ming Dynasties Inscribed by Li Rihua, Wan Shouguo, etc.

    Sale Price: RMB 3.45 million

    Letters and manuscripts by ancient book collectors

    Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings of Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction elaborately presents Lot 4691-4716 collected by book collectors in Qing Dynasty, including Tang Shi Jing Jiao Wen proofread by Yan Kejun, Yuan Yi Shan Xian Sheng Ji inscribed by Tao Beiming, Zhu Kongyang’s collection of poems made by Yuan Mei, etc. for He Chunchao’s painting Lady amid Flowers, Inscriptions made by Liang Dingfen, Chu Deyi, etc. for Miao Quansun’s painting Men Bei Du Hua Tu, as well as autograph letters signed by Gu Sili, He Zhuo, Shen Deqian, Fa Shishan, Ruan Yuan, Qi Zhaonan, Yuan Tingchou, Ding Bing, Kong Guangtao, Lu Xinyuan, Zhou Xingyi, Liang Dingfen, Pan Zuyin, etc., all having received competitive biddings from collectors. Among them, Zhu Kongyang’s collection of poems made by Yuan Mei, etc. for He Chunchao’s painting Lady amid Flowers started from RMB 30,000 which was soon refreshed by a straight bidding of RMB 100,000 and finally sold at RMB 437,000. 

    Seal Cuttings by Masters·Fine Inkstones and Inksticks

    Since the debut of Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters in 2007, Xiling Auction has persisted in spreading the literati’s elegance and interest in inkstones, attracting great attentions within the industry. From that moment, inkstone, as a new collection category, began to be known by collectors and gradually climbs to its position in collection with more highlights igniting the enthusiasm of both the market and collection circle. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2019 Spring Auction, as a prelude to celebrating the 15th anniversary of Xiling Yinshe Auction Co., Ltd., brought many remarkable seal cutting works and inkstones. 400 lots in the three sales triggered fierce competition among collectors on spot, among which an inkstone collected by Shen Shiyou, inscribed by Wu Changshuo and mentioned in the book Shen Shi Yan Lin started the bidding at RMB 2 million and finally hammered at RMB 4.485 million after ten rounds of bidding, emphasizing the value of master’s artworks. A Duan inkstone with landscape pattern inscribed by Zhao Guolin and Lin Zai’e and made by Dong Cangmen in Qing Dynasty was evidenced by the sale price of RMB 1.265 million for its delicate carving techniques and profound inscriptions. The Entertaining Seals by Masters and Study Series · Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters presented several seals engraved by Huang Shiling, among which a pair of Shoushan stone seals engraved by Huang Shiling from Qing Dynasty was sold at RMB 1.127 million and a Qingtian stone seal engraved by Zhao Shuru for Qiu Yinqian’s private use also concluded a deal at RMB 1.127 million, a record price of its kind. A pair of Qingtian stone seals engraved by Qi Baishi for Wang Zekuan’s private use which arouse eyes earlier before the auction are two larger-sized seals compared to with Qi’s other works and were finally hammered at RMB 1.035 million.  

    Lot 3820 An Inkstone Inscribed by Wu Changshuo and Collected by Shen Shiyou

    Sale Price: RMB 4,485,000

    Lot 4009 A Qingtian Stone Seal Engraved by Zhao Shuru for Qiu Yinqian’s Private Use

    Sale Price (Record): RMB 1,127,000

    Lot 3979 Qing Dynasty  A Changhua Bloodstone Seal Engraved by Huang Shiling

    Sale Price: RMB 1,127,000

    Lot 4088  A Pair of Qingtian Stone Seals Engraved by Qi Baishi for Wang Zekuan’s Private Use

    Sale Price: RMB 1,035,000

    Refined Articles in the Study and Important Chinese Bronze Wares

    The sale of Refined Articles in the Study of the 2019 Xiling Yinshe Spring Auction was dedicated to preserving the charm of ancient scholars through the articles they used. The two sales, Everlasting Glory·Refined Articles in the Study and Study Series·Refined Articles in the Study, exceeded our expectations with many lots achieving more than ten times their estimates. The former one, which attracted a great number of followers, was sold 91.95% by lot.

    Lot 1343 Qing Dynasty  A Bamboo Wristrest with Figure Pattern Engraved by Chen Yuan 

    Starting Price: RMB 60,000 

    Sale Price: RMB 437,000

    Lot 1378 Ming Dynasty  A Plantain-Style Guqin Collected by Wu Zhishui 

    Starting Price: RMB 650,000

    Sale Price: RMB 1,437,500

    Lot 891 Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Jadeite Vase with Floral, Fruit and Beast Patterns  

    Starting Price: RMB 800,000

    Sale Price: RMB 5,520,000

    Chinese Ceramics in Xiling Auction remains one of the most sought-after in the porcelain sales. The rare 'Ding' dish with peony pattern from Song Dynasty is beyond counterparts considering its shape, condition and pattern. The dish fetched RMB2.645 million, added by its provenance of Linyu Shanren, also known as Masataka Tomita, who is a top collector in Japan and a gold-lettered signboard at auction circle.

    Lot 1889 Song Dynasty  A Rare 'Ding' Dish with Peony Pattern 

    Sale Price: RMB 2,645,000

    Lot 1867 Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Blue-and-White Copper-Red Flask with Dragon and Cloud Patterns and 'Qianlong' Mark

    Sale Price: RMB 5,175,000

    Two important lots led the sale of Eternal Glamour·Important Chinese Bronze Wares and 'Zang Cong': An Imperial Jade Ritual Ornament Collected by Wu Dacheng. The first one was a bronze ritual food vessel, 'Ying Gui', from Western Zhou Dynasty. Duan Fang, a sophisticated collector speaking highly of the vessel, described it as 'topping all bronze wares throughout history' and made a rubbing scroll of it. 'Ying Gui' was recorded in the first volume of Tao Zhai Ji Jin Lu and illustrated as well as recorded for nearly twenty times since the late Qing Dynasty. This precious bronze ware achieved RMB6.67 million.

    Lot 811 Early Western Zhou Dynasty  A Bronze Ritual Food Vessel, Ying Gui and A Rubbing Scroll Inscribed by Duan Fang 

    Starting Price: RMB 2,600,000

    Sale Price: RMB 6,670,000

    Another bronze masterpiece leading the sale of Important Chinese Bronze Wares was a very rare imperial jade ritual ornament, 'Zang Cong', which realized RMB 8.97 million. It was among the top of its collection and was presented to the imperial court of Qing Dynasty by Wu Dacheng. The lot was accompanied by an old Nanmu box and a piece of rubbing made by Wu Dacheng, which was once auctioned at the 2013 Xiling Yinshe Spring Auction.

    Lot 812 A Very Rare Imperial Jade Ritual Ornament Collected by Wu Dacheng, Zang Cong 

    Sale Price: RMB 8,970,000

    Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea

    The Zisha Teapot Sale maintains a high turnover rate of 91% with enthusiastic bidders coming to the site. Important items cruised easily past estimates and were sold at exciting prices. The sale was led by a purple clay teapot with 'Yue Hu' mark engraved by Qu Ziye and made by Ji An in Daoguang period of Qing Dynasty, which was sold for RMB 3.91 million. The rare and finely carved teapot can be called one of Qu Ziye's best works. The intensive bidding battle also reflected the continued global appeal of Zisha Teapot. A purple clay teapot with 'A Man Tuo Shi' mark from Yucheng kiln was sold more than tripled its estimate. 

    Lot 3639 Late Qing Dynasty  A Purple Clay Teapot With 'Yue Hu' Mark Engraved by Qu Ziye and Made by Ji An   

    Sale Price: RMB 3,910,000

    Lot 3703 Late Qing Dynasty  A Purple Clay Teapot with 'A Man Tuo Shi' Mark, from Yucheng Kiln

    Starting Price: RMB 550,000

    Sale Price: RMB 1,978,000

    Elegant and Magnificent: Chinese Buddhist Art

    The only known bronze figure of buddha from Liu Pin Fo Lou of Qing Dynasty that came to the market was sold for RMB9.2 million against an estimate of RMB3.5 million. Bronze censers of Ming and Qing Dynasties performed well, with many lots exceeding initial estimates, including a bronze censer with 'Chenghua' mark, which achieved RMB1.0465 million, over ten times its estimate. Other notable results included a gilt-bronze figure of Avalokitesvara from Northern Wei Dynasty, which was previously collected by Sato Gengen and Sakamoto Goro, achieving RMB 3.22 million and a bronze figure of Avalokitesvara from Five Dynasties realizing RMB 632,500.

    Lot 3564 Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Bronze Figure Of Buddha with 'Liu Pin Fo Lou' Mark

    Sale Price: RMB 9,200,000

    Lot 3500 Northern Wei Dynasty  A Gilt-Bronze Figure Of Avalokitesvara

    Sale Price: RMB 3,220,000

    Modern And Contemporary Oil Paintings And Sculpture

    The sale of Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture reached a turnover rate of nearly 80 percent, headed by Wu Dayu's Flowers in the Spring Breeze fetching RMB6.67 million.

    Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters

    In the sale of Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters auction, the top 1 was Lei Dezu's original work for the comic strip Spartacus sold for RMB 1.84 million. Based on the story of slaves uprising of ancient Roman, this rare and notable work depicted a vivid scene of how slaves fighting for freedom. Quality small-sized works in this sale surprised many collectors. Pan Yuliang's A Naked Woman cruised past its estimate of RMB 1, 000 before realizing RMB 345,000 after several minutes of intense biddings.

    Lot 2844 Lei Dezu (1942-1991)  Original Work for the Comic Strip Spartacus (Complete)

    Sale Price: RMB 1,840,000

    Chinese Paper Money & Coins 

    Chinese Paper Money & Coins was 88.93% sold by lot

    Chinese Ancient Jade Art·Jade Carvings by Contemporary Chinese Masters      

    The exciting auction week saw a strong performance of jade sale. A group of 40 finely carved jade snuff bottles of Qing Dynasty, which were purchased from antique dealers and auction houses, spoke volumes about the history, craft, artistic style and aesthetic value of snuff bottles. This group of 40 pieces breezed past its estimate of RMB3.5 million before realizing RMB 6.21 million. The sale of Jade Carving of Contemporary Masters was led by Qu Lijun's white plaque with landscape pattern, achieving RMB 2.0125 million. The jade carving art has evolved to be profound in connotation shown in only a pocket-sized stone. Such kind of art has won wide recognition from the world.

    Lot 1620 Qing Dynasty  A Group of Forty Jade Snuff Bottles

    Sale Price: RMB 6,210,000

    Lot 3239 Qu Lijun (b. 1970)  A White Jade Plaque with Landscape Pattern

    Sale Price: RMB 2,012,500

    Oriental Beauty: Magnificent Jewels

    As for the jewels, jadeite and diamond shone brightly in the auction. An extraordinary 8.95-carat fancy light brownish pink diamond was sold for RMB 5.75 million. Not long afterward, a fabulous icy jadeite bangle was won for over RMB 10 million after another prolonged battle. The Jewelry Department of Xiling Auction is committed to exploring the cultural and aesthetic value of Chinese traditional jewels by offering jadeite works that stand for oriental appeal and various accessories that manifest the history of China. 

    Lot 3369 An Icy Jadeite Bangle

    Sale Price: RMB 11,385,000

    Lot 3414 A Fancy Light Brownish Pink Diamond Ring

    Sale Price: RMB 5,750,000

    Western Antique Works of Art

    The sale of Western Antique Works of Art boasts a well-preserved tradition of 'Elegant Lifestyle Sparkles with Classic Western Antiques'. The much-appreciated sale of 2019 Spring Auction with 121 lots offered was 96.8 percent sold by lot and achieved almost RMB 10 million. Highlights in this category included cigarette lighters, antique jewelry and furniture, standing out for their fine artistic quality, extreme rarity and practical use. Clients looking at quality life were big fans of them.

    Vintage Kweichow Moutai

    The sale of Vintage Kweichow Moutai was a big hit totaling over RMB 41 million. That excitement was evidenced by Kweichow Moutai made in 1958 which inspired multiple bids before being won at RBM 1.38 million. Besides, Kweichow Moutai for the return of Hong Kong made in 1997 (original carton) and Kweichow Moutai made in 1991-1996 fetched RMB1.38 million as well.

    Lot 4608 Kweichow Moutai Made in 1958

    Sale Price: RMB 1,380,000

    From 2014 to 2019, we have been seeking for the root of life, the inspiration of art and essence of the inner world down the line.

    The 15th anniversary of Xiling Auction presents us with an exciting opportunity to scale new heights.

    We will always respond to the evolving social and cultural developments to secure a promised future for cultural undertakings.

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