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    A Wonderful Conclusion of 2018 Autumn Auction
    Date:2018-12-20 06:12  Author:XLPM  Source:XLPM

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction lowered its curtain on December 17 at Zhejiang Narada Grand Hotel. The auction includes 4,500 lots in 29 sales totaling a revenue of RMB 826.8 million with a sale rate of 86.88%. The sales rate of nearly half of the sales exceeded 90%.  

    The sale of Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Momitang Collection

    Just as expected, the sales of Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Momitang Collection and Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe are all sold 100% by lot. Among them is a painting by Fang Cong, ‘Boating with a Crane’, the largest size of its kind mentioned in the book Shi Qu Bao Ji. The lot started its bidding at RMB 38,000, and finally sold at an amazing price of RMB 18.4 million, setting a new record for Fang Cong’s paintings. After it was consigned to Xiling Auction, the starting price of the lot was raised to 15 million yuan. Experts from the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Department made great efforts to determine the value of the painting and finally confirmed it as the one mentioned in the Qin Ding Shi Qu Bao Ji San Bian, which contains artworks authenticated by Emperor Qianlong and Emperor Jiaqing. According to the media, it is a classic case in which the estimate goes with the largest span in China’s auction industry ever, interpreting the philosophy of Xiling Auction-as authenticity and transparency in priority. 

    The sale of ‘Xue Tang Ya Ji: Luo Zhenyu and Wang Guowei’s Academic Worldlinked different disciplines including bronze wares, letters and manuscripts, rubbings and so forth, not just focusing on academic research, but also the market value. The outcome of the sale again proves that Xiling Auction, which inherits the philosophy of Xiling Society of Seal Arts, has always been persisting in academy-oriented principles and bearing social responsibilities. 

    The sale of ‘Xue Tang Ya Ji’ received collector’s acclamation with its highly academic standard. 

    The well-prepared ‘Xue Tang Ya Ji: Luo Zhenyu and Wang Guowei’s Academic World’s series is presented in the form of exhibition, seminar, auction, etc. in the pursuit of reflecting the efforts made by Luo and Wang in the late Qing dynasty and Republic of China for salvaging and renaissance of the classical academies and traditions. This sale played a role as a platform to bridge the academic fields, universities and collectors by integrating research, education and exhibition to call for more public attentions.  

    The program is another extremely influential one launched by Xiling Auction. Following the exhibitions of ‘Precious Cultural Relics Related to the War of Resistance against Japan and Sino-US Relations’ and ‘The Road to Rise: Manuscripts on China's Modern Diplomacy’, the sale is leading a trend for the collection circle.

    The sale concluded with an eye-catching revenue of RMB 27.78 and 95% sale rate. 

    Attenders of exhibition and seminar of ‘Xue Tang Ya Ji’ 

    Well-received exhibition catalogue of Xue Tang Ya Ji: Luo Zhenyu and Wang Guowei’s Academic World

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Wang Guowei  Calligraphy Dedicated to His Disciple Xie Guozhen

    Sale Price: RMB 2,127,500

    Chinese paintings and calligraphy sales boosted the market with their high sales rates. 

    Both Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Momitang Collection and Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe ended up with great sales rates. 

    Sales of modern Chinese paintings and calligraphy and classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy also reached high sales rate of 97% and 90% respectively, especially the‘Momitang Collection, welcoming tireless biddings from collectors with provenance. Li Keran’s Spring amid the Trees started its bidding at RMB 1.8 million and was hammered at RMB 9.2 million, equivalent to RMB 3 million per square foot. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Li Keran  Spring amid the Trees

    Sale Price: RMB 9,200,000

    In the sale of classical Chinese paintings and calligraphy, Boating with a Crane, as Fang Cong’s largest painting mentioned in Shi Qu Bao Ji, started at RMB 38,000 and the price soon soared at the increment of RMB 1 million after its second bidding at RMB 1 million, until it was sold at RMB 16 million (RMB 18.4 million with commission included), creating the highest record ever for the artist’s paintings. 

    News about the Spring amid the Trees

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Qing Dynasty · Fang Cong  Spring amid the Trees

    Sale Price: RMB 18.4 million

    Literature: Qin Ding Shi Qu Bao Ji San Bian

    Note: Authenticated by Emperor Qianlong and Jiaqing

    A record sale for Fang Cong’s painting

    Important Chinese and International Manuscripts: Focusing on history   

    Xiling Auction launched the sale of 120th Anniversary of Hundred Days Reform: Important Chinese and International Manuscripts’in memory of those pioneers in order to  understand more about the profound influence they brought to our country nowadays through their sacrifices 120 year ago. The whole auction site was full of bidders to show their respect to this great historical incident. The total revenue of the sale summed up to RMB 9,894,600. 

    In the purpose of protecting and inheriting the culture and history with academia, Xiling Auction, as one of the first auction house to present important letters and manuscripts by celebrities will present more of same kinds in 2019. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Liang Xu  Autograph Letter Signed to Liang Dingfen

    Sale Price: RMB 483,000

    Ancient books and rubbings sale highlighted by quality lots collected by masters 

    As the barometer of the ancient book and rubbing market, the  sale of Fine Ancient Books and Rubbings of Xiling Auction this year brings a number of rare lots, including inscription &rubbings, transcripts, bronze movable-type printing works, rare letter paper albums, books block-printed in Song and Yuan dynasties and Buddhist scripts and sutras, such as the Zheng Zuo Wei Tie printed in early Ming Dynasty and collected by Tao Beiming and Zhang Wei and auctioned for the first time, rubbing of ‘Qin Dan Quan’ made by Wu Dacheng and inscribed by Wang Yirong, two kinds of Wu Dacheng’s poem manuscripts of Ke Zhai compiled by Wu Hufan, Qun Shu Zhi Yao printed in bronze movable type by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1616 and then collected by Yasuda Bunko, and so forth, attracting many eyes during the viewing and arousing fierce competition in the bidding process. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    [Yasuda Bunko]  Qun Shu Zhi Yao (50 vols)

    Sale Price: RMB 1,150,000

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    [Wu Hufan]  Poem Manuscripts of Ke Zhai

    Sale Price: RMB 920,000

     The boom of refined works of art indicates a new market trend.

    Sales of refined works of art advocates the scholar’s elegant taste of the articles, mirroring the concept of ‘Art-Oriented Life’. Three major sales, i.e., Everlasting Glory·Refined Articles in the Study, Mianqinxie's Collection and Scholar's Works of Art and Study Series·Refined Articles in the Study have all turned out to be big attraction, in particular, the Mianqinxie’s collection which includes hundreds of exquisite and selected articles, paintings and calligraphy with provenance, many of which were sold at prices multiple times  the starting price. 

    High popularity of the three sales 

    The extraordinarily rare bronze wine cup ‘Ning Shi Gong’ with double-dragon pattern showed up in the bronze ware sale. 

    It is not until the late night that the Chinese Bronze Wares opened, nevertheless the site was still packed. A Bronze Wine Cup from late Shang Dynasty with ‘Ning Shi’ mark which has long been the center of public attention, was previously collected by Cull, U.K. and illustrated many times. As it has two dragons embossed at both the top and body of the cup which is extremely rare for its kind, the lot was sold at RMB 9.89 million.

    Another treasure is a gold-and-silver-inlaid bronze pot with cloud and thunder patterns made in Song Dynasty and collected by the Prince Kung. As a rare bronze ware illustrated in the catalogue The Prince Kung Collection of Metropolitan Museum of Art, it also found its new master at the price of RMB 2.99 million. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Late Shang Dynasty  A Bronze Wine Cup with ‘Ning Shi’ Mark, Gong

    Sale Price: RMB 9,890,000

    Ancient seals took the lead in the seal and inkstone sales.  

    Shining Stars in the Clear Sky—Seminar for Inscriptions and Seals

    Ancient imperial seal is the origin of seal cuttings and recognized as the symbol of the first peak season of the art. The existing ancient imperial seals are mostly made of bronze, with few made of jade. This sale, however, presented twelve jade ancient imperial seals from Warring States period to Qin and Han Dynasties with exquisite craftsmanship in various designs. Finally, the deal of these twelve jade seals concluded at RMB 4.95 million in total, ten times of the estimating price.  

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Han Dynasty  A Jade Seal

    Sale Price: RMB 897,000

    A Shoushan stone seal engraved by Chen Hongshou, who is one of the eight masters from Xiling Society of Seal Arts for Min Lunong’s private use with inscription of ‘Lu Nong Wai Shi’ was sold at RMB 1.035 million. A lightly carved Shoushan stone seal with plum tree and rock patterns as well as inscription of ‘Xin Hao Yi Shu Xing Le Jiu De’ engraved by Wu Rangzhi, a master from the Deng School was sold at RMB 1.15 million eventually, making itself the most expensive lot in the Entertaining seal sale. An archaistic Changhua bloodstone seal with inscription of ‘Er Mei Sa Sui Hou Zuo’ engraved by Huang Shiling for Hu Qi’s private use was sold at RMB 575,000. 

    Several seals engraved by Wu Changshuo, the first President of Xiling Society of Seal Arts, also appeared in the sale as a tribute to the 115th anniversary of the founding of the society. Amid them is a seal with ‘Shu Zheng’ mark engraved by Wu for Li Guosong’s use, so impressive in its seal cutting style that it was finally sold at RMB 575,000. 

    Another key seal engraver in modern times is Qi Baishi, who made great contributions to inspiring the seal cutting art at the time, and his two seals engraved for Wang Boqun and Zhou Zuoren’s use respectively were sold at RMB 1.15 million and RMB 632,500. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    A Shoushan Stone ‘Beast’ Seal Engraved by Qi Baishi for Wang Boqun’s Private Use

    Sale Price: RMB 1.15 million

    The sale of Study Series·Fine Inkstones and Inksticks from Zhou Lianxia's Collection is rich in categories, highlighting over one hundred fine inkstones, amid which a Duan inkstone inscribed by Wang Hui and collected by Hashimoto Dokusan, a renowned Japanese monk, was mentioned in Guan Shan Yan Pu and Gu Ming Yan, and finally sold at the price of around RMB 2 million. Another star lot, a two-side Duan inkstone inscribed by four seal cutting masters like Tu Zhuo , Chen Hongshou, Zhou Xian and Xu Sangeng, is also rare. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Qing Dynasty  A Duan Inkstone with Star Pattern Inscribed by Wang Hui

    Sale Price: RMB 2,012,500

    High overages went through the whole ceramic and Zisha ware sales. 

    The sale of Chinese Ceramics is an outstanding one. An imperial bi-color-glazed flowerpot with ‘Yongzheng’ mark from Qing Dynasty, collected by the Japanese gardening master Kunio Kobayashi and mentioned in his book Art of Bonsai-The Earth-The World of Kunio Kobayashi, was finally sold at an amazing price of RMB 5.52 million for its uniqueness and exquisiteness. 

    Another well-received lot, a white-glazed vase with ‘Chi’ pattern and Emperor Qianlong’s inscription at its bottom, was mentioned in the Qin Ding Si Ku Quan Shu: Poem (V) and sold at RMB 4.6 million. As a reflection of the aesthetics taste of both Emperor Yongzheng and Emperor Qianlong, the two lots are solid evidence for the ‘Guan’ wares collected in the Qing’s palace as well as a solid foundation for Xiling Auction to expand the ceramic market in south China. 

    What is worth mentioning is that a ‘Jian’ tea bowl from Southern Song Dynasty started its bidding at RMB 1.2 million and hammered at the price as high as RMB 5.865 million at last after dozens of fierce biddings. On top of that, a ‘Ru’-style flower holder and a ‘Guan’-type ‘Longquan’ lobed bowl are also sold at high prices. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Yongzheng period, Qing Dynasty  An Imperial Bi-color-glazed Flowerpot with ‘Yongzheng’ Mark

    Sale Price: RMB 5.52 million

    Zisha sale has always been attractive, and this time, we made  a breakthrough in court wares. An inscribed golden-painted purple clay teapot with ‘Qianlong’ mark started at the bidding price of RMB 3.8 million and almost doubled after a few biddings in the end, i.e., RMB 6.44 million. The Zisha wares for imperial use in Qing Dynasty reached its peak in Qianlong period. As a type of ‘Guan’ of Zisha wares, this teapot did not feature its rareness and refined craftsmanship but also the rare poem inscription and dragon paintings on its body, evidencing the concept of ‘Integration of Zen and tea’ during that period. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    An Inscribed Golden-Painted Purple Clay Teapot

    Sale Price: RMB 6.44 million

    Oil painting and sculpture sale  establishes its reputation with high standards.  

    The oil painting and sculpture sale has collected good reputation in this field with its strictness in selection, accurate market positioning and deep academic digging. The highlights in the past featured not just extremely high values in both art and academic research, but also the focus of the relevant market. 

    The sale is an extension of the tenet of 'Academic-based Auction'. In the session ofGuan Liang’s Family Collection: Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by and Dedicated to Guan Liang’, the most meaningful oil painting Maiden is finally confirmed by experts as painted in 1929 (the 18th year after the founding of Republic of China) for the first issue of Wen Hua magazine as the image of women in the new era, and the model in the painting was none other than Guan Liang’s wife (fiancée at that point) Gu Zhuoying. The painting is not only a unique one recorded but also his first oil painting that had been published by then. 

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Guan Liang  Maiden

    Sale Price: RMB 3,565,000

    Other sales also enjoyed great popularity

    Besides, Chinese coins & paper money, Chinese Buddhist art, comics, illustrations & cartoons by Chinese masters, jade carvings by contemporary Chinese masters, magnificent Jewels, famous Chinese and foreign wine, etc. all achieved good results with many lots and sales concluded at impressive prices.  

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A White Jade Vessel with ‘Tao Tie’ Pattern, Ding

    Sale Price: RMB 2,817,500

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    A Very Fine Natural Burmese Jadeite and Diamond Necklace

    Sale Price: RMB 11,270,000

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Cheng Cheng and Jiang Yin  Avelokitesvara and Calligraphy

    (Picture: 1/33)

    Sale Price: RMB 3,128,000

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Qing Dynasty  A Sample Coin with ‘Tongzhi’ Mark

    Sale Price: RMB 316,000

    A best record for a sample coin with ‘Tongzhi’ mark

    Xiling Yinshe 2018 Autumn Auction

    Xiling Yinshe's First Sale of Handmade Shaoxing Rice Wine


    Sales of White gloves

    * Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy from Momitang Collection  Sales rate: 100%

    * Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy by Top Members of Xiling Yinshe  Sales rate: 100%

    Sales with High sales rate

    * Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy I  Sales rate: 97.71%

    * Entertaining Seals by Masters  Sales rate: 95.38%

    * Xue Tang Ya Ji: Luo Zhenyu and Wang Guowei's Academic World  Sales rate: 95.00%

    * Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy II  Sales rate: 94.92%

    * Study Series·Exquisite Tianhuang Stone Carvings and Master's Seals  Sales rate: 94.12%

    * Everlasting Glory·Refined Articles in the Study  Sales rate: 92.68%

    * Famous Chinese Wine  Sales rate: 92.06%

    * Whisky, Brandy and Vintage Wine  Sales rate: 91.92%

    * Study Series·Fine Inkstones and Inksticks from Zhou Lianxia's Collection  Sales rate: 91.55%

    * Mianqinxie's Collection and Scholar's Works of Art  Sales rate: 91.45%

    * Western Antiques and Works of Art  Sales rate: 91.43%

    Xiling Auction · Consignment for 15th Anniversary Kicks off.

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